Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beliefs unchained

Guilt once a unwelcome Sunday companion.

Refusal to attend obligatory services
tightened the straight jacket of childhood shame
around the disobedient mind.

Often sick on Sunday, hungover after
drinking and dissolution, mentally
self-oppressed by perceived wasted money,
time, reputation, sexual indiscretion.

Weekend almost over.
Not a damn thing accomplished, the
scramble of chores yard work
homework bill payment
finally reluctantly dutifully dialing
family to withstand the only conversation topics
the day's Gospel reading, the sermon, and the
latest gossip, ferreting out by silence that some
hadn't endured Mass.

Unspoken condemnation spawned by the
disconnecting dial tone rounded out the
roster of sins burdening the darkened soul.

Arising peaceful  and well
not hungover
not guilty
not shamed
prayer and meditation
join friends in a morning meeting bursting with
fellowship and spirituality and
love and light
afterward breakfast together a
group of like minds
laughing uproariously at self-disclosed
peccadilloes while supposedly hidden in a
restaurant corner while other patrons
watch and wonder what the
secret is.

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  1. I love this. I think so many people struggle with what it means to be spirtually aware.


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