Friday, April 8, 2011

A Wyoming nursery rhyme

There are deer in my yard
They eat every living plant
I fucking want to shoot them
But my husband says I can’t.

My dog wants to chase them
My daughter thinks they're cute.
While I fume and grumble
The deer graze every root.

Each tree is encased in wire.
The lawn is covered with shit.
The 'deer task force' is helpless
And I am fit to commit.

To those who feed the deer
I'd like to kick your ass
You don't seem to get it
All I want is a plot of grass.

(Today's NaPo prompt: write a nursery rhyme. 4 to 6 lines, 3-5 accented syllables per line)


  1. the d8mn things strip the bark from our trees with their stinkin' antlers . . . I'm not sure our honey pine will survive yet another winter of barking and nibbling all the branches they can reach!

  2. That's hilarious! You did a great job.


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