Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wishing it was

The twisting, mountainous route of dreams, past, and future,

Squandering seasons, longing for what is bygone or fantastical

Not comprehending that these days will not be repeated.

For all that knowledge, not liking the present too well

Induces a search for a pleasanter mental fiction, as

Time and life unspool without actual participation.

Firmly ensconced in the present now

Pragmatically knowing what is desired

But wise enough to not discard what is possessed,

Yet fully fuse the fantasy and the reality

With careful contriving.

Where is the line between experience and memory?

(Today’s NaPo prompt was one of musical ekphrasis. Ekphrastic poetry comments upon or is inspired by another work of art in a different medium. I was inspired by the song, "Wishing It Was" by Santana.)
(Posted for Poetry Potluck "Inspired by a song", 6/5/11)


  1. to date, this is my fave!! I see ourselves wending our way through Sunlight Basin, oblivious to the beauty, worrying only about staying on the road (back when it was gravel most the way)! Luv it! ;)

  2. special song/words.

    Glad to have you share, smiles.

  3. I love this I must admit I am guilty of getting caught up in fantasy and in my writing and just forgetting about actually living. If I take a break from writing I don't exactly feel alive either, fusion is so imporant

  4. Fantastic write and a divine way of expressing the division of rationality and the mind's want to strive for things most illogical!


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