Monday, April 18, 2011

Simply red

Red and wrinkled face squeaking in outrage
at the indignity of being born.
Reddish blonde baby hair, breeze ruffled,
short chubby legs running through a park.
Reddened silver patches on her mother’s skin,
psoriasis paining, cracking, redly bleeding.
Red patterned flowing dress worn so elegantly,
made for a company party.
Red tints soothing the hair when
hereditary grays tried to dominate.
Red faced anger on matching faces
during every battle of independence.
Red, a so-called whore’s shade,
a dazzling dress.
Red roses, suffusing and scenting,
pampering the lady of both their dreams.
Red blouse, artfully back-lighting
the now fully silver tresses.
Red leather coat, sister gift, the wearer
a long bright flame in a winter world.
Red anointed lips and nails,
luxuriant rebellious ruby.

(NaPo poem prompt: write an incantatory color poem using a particular color in almost every line.)

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