Friday, April 1, 2011


Predictably frozen love, suspended in sanguine icy crystals of hope
Steadily and stealthily evaporating in mists of complacency and
deliberate blindness
Pale landscapes of emotion, sanded, drifting monotonous sameness,
Weedy, sere seedlings of pale optimism struggle and drift and fail
Weeping mutely, grieving heated joy
Passion buried in dunes of indifference
Cherished treasure hidden awaiting the password of a brave street boy
Please - risk the pain and sultry contentment!
Rub my lamp! Oh, to find that lusty liberation
Any wish is yours, my lover, for release from pallid pretension
While I wearily, mercilessly, exist in dun shades of nothingness and despair
Ensnared in colorless obligation, deadening vows, meaningless commitment
Mourning the specific and needed release. I wonder
Where did the living go?
Come court me in my wintry sheets. Heat my disregarded frosted skin.
To blush in your arms.

((What an idea: National Poetry Writers Month. And it takes place in April. And today is the first day of April. Why not?))

(Today's NaPo prompta five step prompt - using a color as the title - via Mary Biddinger by way of Deborah Ager )

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