Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farewell to Hate

As you now fail to comfort me, I shall turn and walk from here
Yes, finished and no longer will a corner of my soul be cold.
Delighted, I shall frankly guard my heart with cheer,
That I will at last be freed from your scummy hold
A curt nod, a turning away, sundering all ties
And if you were to approach my stronghold anew
No acknowledgement shall be made of the past lies
No sign of how my heart once welcomed and nurtured you.
Now, at the last fading twinge of negative catalyst
When the lowly spirit fades, rage thankfully passive
As belief is crouched calmly beside the silenced past
And determination buries and blinds the emotion restive,
Now, if your energy were gratifying to me anew, my old lover
I would drag you from the grave and press my lips to recover.
(Today's NaPo prompt: write a 'mirror poem' . I chose “Farewell to Love” by Michael Drayton)

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