Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family tree

In this club house
boys are not allowed
nor girls.
Those who are certain that
the only definitions that matter are
race, religion, gender, orientation, or creed
can go find a different tree
to swing in.

Those who can play “nice”
tender their words with kindness
and commonality and
share their toys and joys unreservedly
are always welcome.

Climb the rope ladder, swinging wildly,
cheerfully shout the password, “friends!”
Joyfully clamber onto the wooden deck
balanced in the verdant heights.
Come ride the free winds and tree limbs
of fantastical imagination
in an exclusively inclusive world
where all are equal and gently loved
by each other.

(Poem prompt from Big Tent prompt for 4/11/11: write a poem about the tree house or club house rules)

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