Friday, April 15, 2011

Censuring chocolate

Seductive melodies
In boundless arrangements of
Dark, milk, white
Chili, bacon, almond, salted caramel
Cake, cookie, bar, nibs, drinks, syrups.
The varying architectures tantalizingly loom
On the edge of unconscious yearning,
Smugly assured of possession.
Swearing off, taking the cure, making the pledge
Of never again
And yet assortments teem in the secret spaces,
Desk, purse, drawers, office, pantry, night stand
(And that’s just at home)
Darkly lurking, waiting for that moment
When serotonin sings for satiety
There seems no way arrest the obsession
For more.

(NaPo promptwrite a poem in the form of a complaint about something that is good or you like)

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