Friday, April 21, 2017

Parenting initiative

My nephew is the most amazing parent ever
I watch him with his eight month old son
his patience and creativity is astonishing
considering he grew up in a fairly
chaotic dysfunctional home
And he is wicked funny
when the little guy yells or cries
his father studies him carefully
watching the wee one's expression and
body language
before making any moves
the new dad
generally narrates his actions with
sarcastic but insightful remarks like
   'here's your keys, kid. Now go'
is tossed out as he jingles his key ring
just in front of the child's eyes
the room of midget watchers cracks up
the baby stops hollering
wide eyed with delight at
his father's attention, though
oblivious to the humor of
being given the car keys when
one has not yet learned to walk

"Write a poem that incorporates overheard speech" Prompt from and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 21

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Grind in two parts

Oh my God
the night's dream wrestling interrupted
urrrghhhhh bleahhhh tired
despising everything and everyone
why does waking up always involve
such hatred for the entire race and self?
bleary eyed stumble to the bathroom
thoughts of calling in 'sick'
glass of water and turn up the furnace
staggering around opening shades
clothing jewelry tooth brush dog petting perfume deodorant
collecting electronics and assorted detritus
for the day at work, leaving
auto pilot drive, through the gate
the door, lights, computer, unpacking purse and brain
greeting lone coworker who is equally dark visaged
weak, useless, pathetic light of dawn


Coffee. Coffeeeeee. Coffeeeeeee!!!
personality firing on a few cylinders now
answer the phone and door pleasantly
though the impulse is still there to
mutilate all comers, it is dampened
by dawn and hydration and mindless
facebook surfing
thoughts of breakfast, friends, husband
weekend, projects, absent boss are
definitely more pleasing than they were
four hours ago
true blue sky with wispy clouds
unburdening the fatigue of spirit
another day

still wondering about the nebulous homicidal self
that is briefly present for the first hour
every single morning

"take this poem in parts...write about the feeling of the morning...STOP...Take your time, relax, and write the second half of your poem"
Prompt from the FB NaPoWriMo page. Posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 20

The origins of blame

The Woman was practical and wise
in the ways that only women are
she walked right past that tree
and the serpent
and the fruit
and the temptation

Preparing to walk right out
of paradise, to make her own way and to
use her God-given brains and talent

as God had intended and hoped for them BOTH

the Man was weak and susceptible
and even then, driven by the
ever-annoying (to women) drive to
dick measure with other males

(I'm talking about him throwing down with
both the snake AND the Deity)

the Man ate that apple
(HE did, not her...keep reading)
to prove his was bigger and better
that he was smarter and more 'on the ball'
than any old God or reptile could be


they found themselves
outside the gate
the Woman mentioned
to the Man that
it wasn't necessary to defy Him
or to prove to Him how stupid he was
or to dick measure, for fuck's sake (!)

(yep, she coined the word 'fuck')

God already knew that about the Man

(though He had hoped)


the Man blamed her
told and recorded the First Story
and has been shifting the blame
to her
ever since
for eternity

Write a poem that recounts a creation myth. Prompt from and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 19


Standing silhouetted against
a skyline of war and blood
one arm raised defiantly high
clenching a gory aggressive sword
the chin proudly lifted under
the crested helmet

the other arm

around a collapsed fellow female
who cannot stand or defend
yet this woman refuses to
stand down or let go of
her comrade or to
surrender or quit or
concede defeat

they are

Poem based on favorite piece of art
Prompt from FB NaNoWriMo page and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 18

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hot springs honeymoons

The first one
he told me about the reservations
I was unsure
my previous experience had
been with a broken down,
poorly maintained pool that
while fun
was a health hazard.
Chico turned out to be a dreamy resort
full of and surrounded by romantic touches
many of them his
a private, hillside cabin overlooking the property
unique food options, hiking trails, spa, and nearby meetings
refreshed and rested by the attention and the getaway

The second one
was visited after the romantic B&B and the
Glacier Park cabin
the second stop fraught with so many problems
my viewpoint had become rather jaded and reluctant
Fairmont was merely a hotel with several large pools
that we got into once, so tired from our other travels
nothing truly special, especially not the food
the bright spots were the buddhist gardens
and seeing another (now married) couple from our
marriage prep days
frazzled and irritated, I couldn't wait to get home
many doubtful months of healing followed

Write a poem about a place you visited,how you imagined it beforehand, and what it was actually like.
Prompt from the FB NaPoWriMo page and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 17


I am not as mad at you
as I once was
more like
bemused by
the messes you left behind
after a lifetime of OCD tidiness
Your husband lives in
a crumbling pile of
the remnants of your
hobbies and decorations
his only solace is his God
I sure hope wish ask
that he could get some
motivation and healing
to 'live' and get on with
his life without you
the rest of us are finally
getting there, especially
now that we are knee deep in babies
your favorite humans of all
I see glimmers of you in them
and in our loving of them
they would have been delighted
to be adored by you in the
here and now
We all wish you had chosen
to live stay enjoy
with us, even me
even with the old resentments
though those are almost gone

'take your inspiration ... from the act of letter-writing"  - Prompt from and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 16

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Half way to forever

Changes in lifestyle
gazing back over two months (fifty seven days) 
achieving abstinent 
success and such a different
state of mind after ceasing
to emotionally medicate
writing every day to chronicle
both current metamorphosis and future hope
excited about the next sixty
knowing this can be done
eager to pass the dread and previously
insurmountable ninety day mark
joyfully running full tilt
toward better health and

Write a poem that reflects on the nature of being in the middle of something.
Prompt from and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 15